Fewer then 200 Amur Leopards and one of the rarest big cats

The Amur Leopard is one of the most critically endangered and rare big cats in the world, there are fewer then 100 left in the wild!! Some of the threats they sadly face are poaching and being hunted for their coat. It is estimaed there are about 120 left which is very sad and shocking.

Colchester Zoo

Since 2019 I have enjoyed several visits to the Amur Leopard Family at Colchester Zoo and fell in love with them, Lena and Leka were born to mum Esra and dad Crispin, they are Esra's first cubs and Colchester Zoo's first Amur Leopard Cubs. I could spend all day watching Esra and her cubs, they are the most beautiful and stunning leopards I have ever seen and photographed.

Action for the Wild

Colchester Zoo's charity Action for the Wild funds conservation projects around the world which will hopefully help to give animals a chance and some hope for the future. One of their projects Wildlife Vets International provides veterinary and scientific support and training that involves clinical services, on site training, disease investigation and research activities for wild tigers and leopards. Russia have approved a reintroduction plan, they hope to introduce captive bred Amur Leopards to the wild.  For more details please visit their website www.actionforthewild.org 
I have always been very passionate about wildlife and conservation and through my photography, I hope to raise awareness for animals such as Amur Leopards who are becoming endangered or facing extinction, it would be a real shame if we loose these beautiful animals, it is hard to imagine a world one day without them. Below are a few of my favourite photos of the Amur Leopard Family from Colchester Zoo. 
For any big cat lovers who are looking for photography prints to decorate their home these images of the gorgeous Amur Leopards Esra, Lena and Luka are available to purchase on my online Etsy Shop www.etsy.com/shop/natashabaletta From any sales a percentage of sales are donated two of my favourite wildlife organisations Colchester Zoo's Action for the Wild and Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors.