Barbary Lion now completely extinct in the wild

The Barbary Lion was orginally from North Africa, Barbary Coastal regions of Maghreb and the Atlas Mountains in Egypt. They used to live in the deserts and mountains of North Africa, Morocco and Egypt. Sadly they are extinct in the wild today, the last lion to be seen in Morocco was 1922. The Romans used these lions in the Colosseum to battle with gladiators and thousands were slaughtered during the reign of Caesar. They were even kept at the Tower of the London and were offered as gifts to royal families of Morocco and Ethopia. When you hear of how lions were treated in the past it is so horrific, very cruel and heartbreaking. Barbary Lions are also known as 'North African Lion' 'Berber Lion' 'Atlas Lion' and 'Egyptian Lion'

A variety of zoos around the world including Rabat Zoo in Morocco, Port Lympne Wild Animal Park and other zoos in Europe are involved in lion research and have a particular interest in lions of the North Africa region. In August 2019 I visited Port Lympne with a friend for the first time and a had brilliant day watching their gorgeous Barbary Lion Family, we spent all day with them as it was difficult to tear ourselves away. 
For any big cat lovers who are looking for photography prints of these rare lions I have a variety of images available as print sets or individual print sets from my online Etsy Shop
From any sales a percentage of profits are donated to two wildlife organisations that are both involved in wonderful conservation work Colchester Zoo’s Action for the Wild and Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors. 
Below are a few of my favourite photos of the Barbary Lions who live at Port Lympne


These are such beautiful photos but the story behind them is heartbreaking. Definitely a sad commentary on humanity’s impact on the environment and the earth in general.
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