Zoos in England might not survive this year's pandemic and face closure

Since visiting the Amur leopards and Tigers during the past year Colchester Zoo is one of the zoos I like to support, they are involved in some great conservation projects including working alongside Conserve Wildcats Alliance who fund work that helps to protect habitat for Amur Leopards in Russia. Since 2004 Colchester Zoo’s charity Action for the Wild have been funding conservation work for a variety of different animals including orangutans, elephants and big cats. Since reading a letter by the zoo's Managing Director on their website it was heartbreaking to read that zoos in England might not survive this year's pandemic if they are not able to open from December,  some of the things he said was 'We cannot lock the door of animal enclosures and say ‘see you next month’, we can’t even say ‘see you tomorrow’ simply because we have to be here and ensure we do more than the very best for our animals. Should we not be able to re-open our doors early December, it will feel like clouds gathering in a dark winter sky and a storm of gigantic proportion will hit us. Its force may prove to be too much and may leave complete devastation behind' https://www.colchester-zoo.com/2020/11/letter-from-the-zoo-director

Through their Action for the Wild charity Colchester Zoo have been able to make a £7,000 donation to the Orangutan Foundation, their funds have contributed towards the veterinary’s salary and help with translocation costs, the funding has also made a difference for orangutan rescue, they have rescued orangutans from a isolated palm oil plantation. I hope zoos in the UK are able to overcome these difficult times so they can continue not only to look after their animals but also help the survival of endangered species in the wild. If you would like to make a donation please visit https://www.colchester-zoo.com/colchester-zoo-operating-fund

they appreciate any support no matter how big or small.

Raising funds for zoos during 2020 has been a cause very close to my heart, when you visit some of the animals for a long time you extra attached to them, I have a variety of wildlife images available to purchase on Etsy, from any sales a percentage of profits is donated to Colchester Zoo and Chester Zoo http://www.etsy.com/shop/natashaballetta


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