Wild Flowers and why they need our help to survive

 I watched Prince William's documentary A Planet For Us All, it inspired me to write this blog about wildflowers. These type of flowers provide a lot of things that insects need including food, shelter and places to breed. Insects also pollinate flowers so they are able to develop seeds and spread to grow in other places. During Winter while there is less food available wildflower seeds are an important food source for birds and small mammals. Native Wildflowers have been around for thousands of years, bumblebee needs certain UK wildflowers to survive. I hope the documentary helps to raise more awareness so people start to make positive changes for the environment and wildlife species and natural places that have been affected by things such as climate change will be saved in the future.

If you have a nature theme in your home or office, I have a variety of photography prints available to purchase on Etsy, wildlife conservation is a cause close to my heart, from any sales I'm donating a percentage of profits to wildlife conservation organisations that are involved in wonderful projects in the UK and abroad including reintroducing animals that used to be extinct in the wild http://www.etsy.com/shop/natashaballetta


















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