Only 80 - 100 Amur Leopards left in the wild!!

The Amur leopard is the rarest big cat in the world, as there are only about 80 to 100 left in the wild. As a way of helping them camouflage in the snow their coat is paler then other leopard subspecies. A world without these majestic and special big cats would be devastating. Wildcats Conservation Alliance are a wonderful organisation who are involved in funding comservation projects for big cats in Russia including Amur Leopards and Tigers. For more details on their conservation projects please visit

Since November 2019 I have really loved visiting and photographing the Amur leopard family Esra, Luka and Lena from Colchester Zoo, the Amur leopard has always been my favourite out of the leopard species so when Colchester Zoo announced the news of Esra giving birth to her first cubs I was so excited and got a membership to the zoo so I could visit them a few times throughout the year. During my visits I normally spend most of the day watching these gorgeous leopards and during my first visit to Luka and Lena I ended up waiting for about 3 hours to see them when they were 3 months old, it was worth the 2 hour train journey just for the cubs, I fell in love with Esra's cubs from the first moment I saw them. 

Raising funds for wildlife causes and some of the zoos in the UK is a cause to close to my heart, because zoos are also involved in funding projects abroad to help save animals that are endangered or facing extinction seeing them struggle during this year's pandemic has been heartbreaking to see. As a way of supporting them in a small way from each sale on Etsy I'm donating a percentage of profits to some of the zoos to help them overcome these difficult times































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