My first visit to Venice, a magical city for photographers

Venice is a photographer's dream, everywhere you walk in Venice is a magical picture. I recommend walking away from the usual areas, it will be less crowded and you will get some unique photos of the bridges and backstreets, it was so lovely to watch how everything operates on water. One of the places I recommend visiting is Burano Island, it is full of colourful buildings and lacemaking shops where you can still see it being done. The island is also well known for its lace where you can buy lace from several shops. The women who are local to the area first started making lace in the 16th Century. Burano is a series of different islands that are linked by bridges. If you are travelling by boat or ferry the journey is about 40 minutes.

Each year the Venice Carnival is held in February, this year is it on from the 8th to the 25th of February 2020, it is famous for its beautiful masks and costumes.The carnival was first held in the 11th Century and would last for over two months, it became less popular in the 18th Century. I really enjoyed photographing the carnival when I visited during 2011 and 2014, one of the lovely people I have got to know Patricia makes her own, she has made 47 so far.

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Below are a few of my favourite photos from my trips to Venice and the Carnival










So beautiful. There is a reason Venice was named one of the most beautiful cities. Amazing images.
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