National Book Lovers Day

National Book Lovers Day is celebrated on the 9th of August each year, it is an unofficial holiday that encourages people to read their favourite book or spend the day reading.

It has always been a dream of mine to write and publish my own book. Finally in 2018 I self published my first book Nothing Beats A Staffie Smile. When you see your book in print for the first time it is an exciting feeling. The book is based on interviews and heartwarming rescue stories of the Staffordshire bull terrior, a misunderstood breed who have not only transformed their lives but their owners. There are also some sad and shocking stories of how these dogs were not only used as breeding machines but how one was even found abandoned with a broken jaw! Since speaking to their owners it is incredible how these dogs have turned out to have such loving characters and become not only great family pets but also therapy dogs who play such an important role in people's lives. Through my photography I have had the opportunity to meet so many rescue Staffies looking for a home. In July 2014 I became involved with All Dogs Matter Charity who are based in North London. Since volunteering as a photographer for them and attending different events over the years I have got to know the true characteristics of the Staffie breed, these affectionate dogs have left a lasting impression that prompted me to write their stories.

If you would like to read their stories or order the book it is available as a paperback in my online shop on Etsy. 20% of profits are donated between two of my favourite charities All Dogs Matter Charity and Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescue



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