Italy Photography Prints

Italy is one of my favourite countries for photography, the past few years I have had the opportunity to visit and photograph many lovely historical cities including Rome, Florence and Venice. Rome is 14,453ft above sea level and is also known as the "Eternal City" Rome built the first ever shopping mall between 107 and 110 AD. Florence is the capital of Tuscany, it is famous for its art, history and catherdrals. One of the most iconic catherdrals is Duomo, it took up to 140 years to complete. The Catherdral has the largest masonry dome in the world and was built on top of a small church, it also has a terracotta-tiled dome. Florence has one of the oldest bridges Ponte Vecchio, it is a medieval stone arch bridge. There have been shops on Ponte Vecchio since the 13th Century, there used to be a variety of shops including butchers and fishmongers. Venice is a very picturesque and magical city, it is known as the floating city, it was built on 118 islands. The city is on logs that are from Alder Trees, they were brought to Venice by boat from Slovenia and Croatia.

If you have moved into your new home and are looking for photography prints of Italy, I have a variety of images available in my online shop on Etsy, they would look lovely as part of a travel theme







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