Bones is a great ambassdor for the Staffie breed, he is loved by everyone who meets him

Bones was 6 months old when his owner Marylyn rescued him, she says "He was found as a stray at 4 months old in a local park and a dog walker took him to the RSPCA, not long after that he was moved to the council pound where the vet there said he was ready for rehoming." A friend of Marylyn who used to be a city dog warden did not agree as he was not eating properly and not gaining weight so she made arrangements for Bones to be moved to Babbington Rescue in Nottingham. When he arrived at the rescue centre, after further checks they paid for an operation and discovered the reason he was not eating or gaining weight this was because he had swollowed a pair of pants which was found in his stomach. After Bones started to gain weight and make progress Marylyn's friend recommended that she rehome him. Marylyn says "The day we met him was the best day so far. Little did we know he would be a massive part of our lives and others lives. He is wonderful, warm and friendly and loves to meet other people and animals."

When Bones was 3 years old, Marylyn wondered if his temperament could be used to spread the word that Staffordshire Bull Terriers are not the monsters they are made out to be. The first charity Marylyn and Bones joined was Pets As Therapy, he passed his assessment which involved things such as observing what they are like with the public, loud noises and taking treats. Since joining the charity he has visited local care homes and a youth group for kids with learning difficulties. He also does dog phobia work and has started a session with University Students that are suffering from exam stress whilst coping with mental issues and learning difficulties. Marylyn says "The phobia work seems to be his speciality. His first case resulted in a young lad getting a rescue Staffie himself. It is great being able to work with kids that are nervous of dogs and help them overcome their fears, if you ask them what breed are they most scared of it will probably be a Staffie or any other bull breed. They are pleasantly surprised when they meet him" In 2016 Marylyn and Bones joined Therapy Dogs Nationwide, she says "They are such a warm and friendly group and we are very proud to be a part of it."

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Below are a few of my favourite photos of Bones from when I met him at Crufts, I really took to Bones and think he is a great ambassor for the Staffie breed