Abi the Staffie Ambassador for All Dogs Matter Charity

Abi was only 6 months old when Ira Moss (the general manager of All Dogs Matter) rescued her. She was just a tiny puppy and left in a cardboard box. Fortunately she was taken to Mayhew Animal Home as a stray and luckily did not have to wait too long to find her forever home with Ira.

Abi has not only found a new loving home and adjusted well to her new life but she now plays an important role and is the Ambassdor for All Dogs Matter. Ira said "Abi can be bossy at times but as she is the chief Staffie and all round top dog at the All Dogs Matter head office, she needs to keep everyone in line and keep things running smoothly." Ira describes Abi as a cuddle monster and the sweetest Staffie you will ever meet, "She adores attention and will be the first at the office door to give visitors a kiss, despite her being bossy she can be funny and very opinionated."

I have got to know Abi over the years through photographing their events and have grown very fond of her, she is not camera shy and always poses for photos. I have also noticed how close she is to Ira, if she is not by her side you can often see her looking for her. She has a strong character but at the same time a big Staffie heart.

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