Advantages of ebooks

Ebooks have been around since 1971, the first ebook was launched by Michael S. Hart. There are many advantages to ebooks, they are eco friendly and good for the environment. Ebooks are portable and some people prefer them for storage, you are able to have a library of different books on one device. It is more affordable as there is no shipping or handling costs like with a paperback book. Once you have downloaded you can back up your ebook to Cloud Storage and use it on different devices. 

If you struggle with reading the font size in paperbacks Ebook readers can enlarge the font to make it easier for you. You can also translate your ebook to any language and you do not have to worry about loosing the page you were on there is a built in dictionary, if you do not know the meaning of word just click or highlight and it will tell you the definition. Whilst you are reading you can mark passages, save pages and search text. One of the other advantages is Audio and Video, audio books are a great option for people who travrl or work on the road.
I have recently self published my first ebook Nothing Beats A Staffie Smile, one of my goals has always been to write and publish my own book. Inside the book there are heartwarming stories based on interviews with Staffie owners, foster carers and dog walkers of this misunderstood breed who have not only transformed their lives but their owners. There are also some sad and shocking stories of how these dogs were not only used as breeding machines but one was even found with a broken jaw! Despite these horrific beginnings not only have they gone on to make great family pets but some of them have qualified as therapy dogs. If you would like to order the ebook please visit the following link


Margarida Vasconcelos(non-registered)
Well done you, Natasha! Many congrats, you must be very proud of yourself.
Natasha, it's very inspiring that you have achieved your dream of publishing a book. I also love the pic of the litte guy on this post. I hope your book raises awareness and helps more people to befriend these great animals.
Congrats on the ebook & thanks for the insight. I had no idea the ebook had been around for so long!
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