Out and about with your dog in London

The past few years I have got to know Teresa Keohane from The Dogvine, we have photographed several events together. If you are looking for dog friendly places to visit including cafes and restaurants or events to go to with your dog in London Teresa writes great blogs https://thedogvine.com  She also recommends pet products and supports dog rescue charities including All Dogs Matter Charity https://alldogsmatter.co.uk and Ark Doris UK http://arkdorisuk.org

One of the latest events Teresa organised was a London Dogs of Instagram meet up where owners and dogs could meet each other and put a face to a name. We visited one of the lovely parks Battersea Park and in the afternoon went on a beautiful boat ride from Battersea to Greenwich. If you would like to get around London with your dog by the River Thames I can recommend Thames Clipper, they are a friendly company and some of the routes they cover include Putney, Wandsworth and London Bridge City Pier https://www.thamesclippers.com/route-time-table/prices

There were some lovely dogs to photograph on the day including rescue dogs Buxton and Lila, a stunning Alaskan puppy Kiba, cockapoos Barnaby and Freddie and Pets As Therapy Dog Amber.

Below are some of the stories of the dogs who attended the meet up

Buxton's owner Jennifer set up an Instagram account for her rescue dog Buxton because photos of Buxton were taking over her personal Instagram and Facebook page. Jennifer says "The truth is I'm a bit of a humbug and kind of did not like it when my friends had kids and suddenly every picture was of their kid. Not wanting to annoy the other grumpy people like me out there, I started a page so if my friends wanted to see pictures of Buxton they could." Through Instagram Jennifer discovered a lovely community of like minded people and their adorable dogs. One of Jennifer's favourite characteristics about Buxton is how laid back he is, she says "He is pretty relaxed in most situations and very loving. I work at a community centre and he loves spending time with everyone from the elderly people who are shut in at home to hanging out with the kids at our football club." Jennifer is from America and moved to London, Buxton has helped her feel at home. She says "I'm American and came to London by myself. London is a vast city with so many people, but it can be difficult to find people you click with. Buxton has given me a real grounding and sense of home in London. He is my family." If you would like to keep up to date on Buxton's adventures please visit his Instagram @buxtoninlondon

Barnaby's owener Julie wanted an Instagram account because she was boring her family sending them pictures of him all the time. Julie says "I had no idea what a friendly place Instagram was and that I would meet so many lovely people." Some of Julie's favourite characteristics about Barnaby is he is loving and loyal. Julie says "He loves learning new tricks and is always wants to be with me whereever I go. He is smart and funny and makes me laugh everyday." Since Julie has had Barnaby she has made new friends. She says "Barnaby has changed my life immeasurably for the better. I have met so many new friends because of him and had many new experiences. I have walked miles and not regretted a step. He really is the best companion my family could wish for." For more updates from Barnaby please visit his Instagram @barnabypoo

Lila's owner Daniela set up an Instagram account for Lila to show how beautiful she is. She says "I'm glad I did as the community is really lovely, there is so much mutal love for our dogs." Some of Daniela's favourite characteristics about Lila are how playful she is and communicates. She says "Lila is calm yet playful, so sweet and loves her cuddles. My favourite thing is probably how much she speaks. She does not bark much but makes funny little noises to communicate. I adore everything about her" Since Daniela has had Lila she has made a difference to her life. She says "Lila has made a huge difference to my happniess. I love having someone look after me and who loves me with their whole heart. She helps me get out and watching her frolic and zoom about brings me so much joy." If you like would like to keep up date on Lila's adventures since moving from Cyprus to the UK please visit her Instagram @lilafromcyprus