Natasha Balletta Photography | World Lion Day

World Lion Day

World Lion Day is part of a global campaign to help save lions in their natural habitat. Due to things such as poaching, conflict with humans, trophy hunting, cubs being cruelly taken away from their mums and being used for cub petting at tourist attractions they could be extinct by 2050 which is very sad and horrific.

One of the organisations that does great conservation projects is ZSL, one of their latest projects is the Asiatic Lion Project in India to help save these majestic big cats. They have set up a "SMART approach" and patrol monitoring tool at Gir National Park to monitor the populations and threats they face. ZSL are also involved with conservation breeding, wildlife health and conservation education programmes at Sakkarbaug Zoo and Gir National Park. Projects such as these will give lions some hope for the future and a better chance of survival in the wild. For more information on the conservation work they are involved in please visit

I hope in the future lions such as big cats can live their lives in the wild without fear of poachers, trophy hunting or being taken away from their natural habitat.