All Dogs Matter's Year Of The Rescue Dog Photography Exhibition

The past few years I have been involved with All Dogs Matter, they are a lovely rescue and rehoming charity based in North London. Many of the dogs have been rescued from the South Korean dog meat trade and puppy farms. To help raise awareness of the increase in numbers of homeless rescue dogs in the UK they have put together an exhibition, Rowena Kenward says "We decided to put the exhibition together on the back of an exponential rise in the number of homeless dogs being rescued across the UK. When All Dogs Matter was founded ten years ago dog lovers tended to buy their dogs from breeders, a change in public attitudes has seen thousands more people deciding to rehome dogs in need instead Staffies in particular are now one of London's most populous canine pets." This year All Dogs Matter hope to rehome over 400 dogs. Their idea behind the exhibition is to show how wonderful rescue dogs are and how rewarding it is to adopt one, Rowena says "This is not only a huge thank you to people who have decided to give an adboned or unwanted puppy a home but a tribute to the fascinating life stories of the dogs themselves, their journey from fear to neglect to their forever homes. We want the photos to show off how wonderful rescue dogs are and indeeed how rewarding it can be to adopt one." Through the exhibition they hope to highlight the work they do for dogs that have had troubled backgrounds, Rowena says "So many dogs need our help from the South Korean dog meat trade, as well as abdoned dogs here with troubled backgrounds and a bad start in life. With a little love and care these dogs can trust again and go on to be such incredible pets."

The Year Of The Rescue Dog Photography exhibition is at Lauderdale House in Highgate  the exhibition is on until the 6th of July. There will be another exhbibition at the Burgh House in Hampstead from the 11th to 15th of July

There are framed prints and foamex boards available to purchase from a variety of photographers including The Dogvine, Pet Pride Photography and The Little London Photographer. I feel proud to be one of the photographers in the exhibition and was excited to see some of my photos on display at the Private Viewing. If you are interested in buying one of the images all proceeds goes towards All Dogs Matter and helping their dogs needing homes Through photographing their events I have had the opportunity to meet and photograph so many rescue dogs that despite not having the best starts in life have ended up having such lovely characters which goes to show how forgiving and trusting dogs are. If you know who is interested in rehoming or fostering a dog please visit All Dogs Matter's website

Below is a collage of some of the lovely dogs that attended the Private Viewing at Lauderdale House