Natasha Balletta Photography | Lucy's Law Campaign To End Cruel Puppy Farming Trade

Lucy's Law Campaign To End Cruel Puppy Farming Trade

Since meeting Lisa Garner and her lovely dogs who she rescued from Puppy Farms they have inspired me to raise awareness of Puppy Farming, when you watch videos like these it is heartbreaking and brings a tear to the eye, no dogs or puppies deserve to go through this or loose their lives when they are only a few months old. Some puppies end up dieing when they are on the farms which is so sad and disgusting, dogs should not have their lives cut short, every dog deserves to have a happy life in a loving home

One of the dogs Lisa rescued was Lucy who was a very special cavalier that touched so many lives through events and social media. Unfortunately 2 years ago Lucy passed away due to what she went through on the puppy farm. In Lucy's memory Lisa has set up a campaign called Lucy's Law to call a immediate ban on the sale of puppies in pet shops and from third party commercial dealers. Some of the great supporters behind Lisa and her campaign have been Marc Abraham the TV Vet and Beverley Cuddy the editor of Dogs Today and Dogs Monthly magazines. I hope one day soon their hard work and dedication of campaigning and raising awareness of the very cruel Puppy Farming Trade makes a difference to ending puppy farming, no more dogs or puppies should have to suffer in such a cruel and inhumane way.

For more information on how you can help raise awareness of Puppy Farming through Lucy's Legacy please visit Lisa's Facebook page and Instagram accounts @lucytherescuecavalier