All Dogs Matter's Valentine Dog Walk

Each year All Dogs Matter's hold different events to raise funds for their dogs needing homes, on the 11th of February 2018 they held their yearly Valentine Dog Walk at the Garden Gate Pub in Hampstead. They had a great turnout and many people and their dogs came to support the event. It is one of my favourite events as the dog walk that owners can take part in is in the beautiful Hampstead Heath. After the dog walk there was a raffle at the pub and you could do shopping for your dog, they had a few stalls on the day including ByBenji and PoochPlay Their event raised £1024.75 which is a brilliant amount and goes towards more of their dogs looking for homes.

All Dogs Matter Charity are a lovely rescue and rehoming charity based in North London, if you know anyone who is interested in rehoming or fostering a dog please visit their website