Nothing Beats A Staffie Smile Book

I have recently self published my first book Nothing Beats A Staffie Smile which I am really excited about, one of my goals has always been to write and publish my own book. Inside the book there are heartwarming stories based on interviews with Staffie owners, foster carers and dog walkers of this misunderstood breed who have not only transformed their lives but their owners. There are also some sad and shocking stories of how these dogs were not only used as breeding machines but how one was even found abandoned with a broken jaw! Despite these horrific beginnings, not only have they gone on to make great family pets but some of them have even qualified as therapy dogs. Before getting to know Staffies myself I used to be wary of them, I have now realised they are some of the most affectionate dogs you could ever meet. Since speaking to their owners it is incredible how these dogs have turned out to have such loving characters.

Changing people's perception is a cause close to my heart, I really hope that more people will consider rehoming these dogs and that there will be less numbers looking for homes in rescue and rehoming centres in the future. 

If you would like to order the paperback book please visit the following link  It is also available as an ebook in the Apple IBookstore

If you order the book 10% of profits is donated to All Dogs Matter Charity



I recently did some research on rehoming dogs and discovered over 90% of dogs in local shelters were Staffies, or Staffie crosses. It seemed to be far more of a reflection on the people who'd given them up than on the dogs themselves.
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Congratulations on the book
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