Hundreds of dogs take part in Wooferendum dog march against Brexit

On Sunday the 7th of October 2018 5,000 people and their dogs took part in the Wooferendum march in London against Brexit and to call for a second vote on the EU Membership. The march went from Waterloo Place to Westminster, it was the biggest dog walk to Parliament in history. During the protest there were placards from the dog's persceptive with messages saying 'Brexit a dog's dinner' and 'Brexit not a walk in the park' The dogs who atteneded were dressed up in European flag bandanas and bow ties.

The organisers behind the Wooferendum say leaving the EU will affect the EU Pet Passport scheme. The scheme allows more then 250,000 animals to travel freely with their owners. After Brexit they will probably have to leave the scheme, if people would like to travel abroad with their pets it could mean weeks in quarantine to cross the borders and if there is a no deal Brexit owners travelling with their pets will need to make plans 4 months in advance. There will also be an increase in pet food prices and animal health costs as there will be a shortage of vets and vet nurses from the EU. The National Office of Animal Health have said a no deal brexit could mean shortages of animal health products including vaccines, painkillers and wormers.

Some of the dogs enjoyed Beautiful Joe's treats that were given out by volunteers, they sell natural liver treats and donate a percentage of their profits to rescue dog charities When the crowds arrived at Parliament Square there were speeches by celebrity supporters including Peter Egan, Stephen Mangan and Felicity Kendal. After the march a petition was delievered to Downing Street to ask Theresa May for a second referendum.

Ellie brought her beautiful dashund cross Daphne to the march. Ellie took part as she believes animal's lives matter and this should be considered in the Brexit debates. Ellie is also concerned about the restrictions of travel, shortage of vets, medicines, increased costs in pet food and a recession which may result in dogs being given up to shelters. She hopes the march raises awareness of the possible threat to animal welfare if we exit without appropriate considerations.

One of the other dog owners who took part was Diana and her lovely rescue dog terrier Waldo. Waldo was rescued from Spain by Terrior SOS, they are a charity run by volunteers who specialise in fostering and rehoming terriers 

Diana has a great passion for dogs, rescue and animal welfare. Diana says "Brexit is putting everything we are doing at risk, it represents a move backwards and there is a real risk our animal welfare and environmental laws go backwards." Diana volunteers with Terrior SOS and has rescued many dogs through them. The charity work with British volunteers in Europe to make a change for the better and to give dogs a second chance at a life. Diana took part in the march for rescue dogs that need our help in across Europe. Diana goes on holiday with her dogs, she says "My dogs will not be able to travel as easily and I don't want to leave them behind as they are my family." She is also concerned about food supplies and medication, "We have in the past gone to the Royal Vet College and the staff were of various European countries. If they decide it is not worth staying we will loose them"


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