Pup Aid 2017

Each year Marc Abraham the vet and founder of Pup Aid holds his yearly Pup Aid event near Primrose Hill in London, it is a campaign event to raise awareness of the cruel Puppy Farming Trade. Puppy Farming is an ongoing problem across Europe, USA, Canada and Australia. The dogs and their puppies spend most of their lives in small cages and are kept in horrific conditions. Dogs that live on farms do not get to enjoy any exercise at all and are used as breeding machines which causes terrible problems with their health when they are older and sometimes even life threatening.  Breeders cruelly take puppies away from their mums when they are only a few weeks old and advertise them online for sale or send them to pet shops. When I read how they are treated on Puppy Farms it brings a tear to my eye as no dog should have to suffer in this way.

Pup Aid had a great turnout from many visitors and dog companies and charities that came to support the event including Bonnie and Bailey that sells natural shampoos for dogs, Teddy Maximus who does beautiful bespoke dog beds, mini carriers and bow ties, Bybenji who provide natural and premium dog treats and All Dogs Matter Charity that are a lovely rescue and rehoming charity based in North London. There were also dog classes on the day for you and your dog to take part in which were judged by various celebrities who take part and support the show. There was also Have A Go Agility classes.

One of the people that attended Pup Aid and is a great ambassador for raising awareness of Puppy Farming was Lisa Garner and her lovely rescue cavapoo Plum Pudding that she adopted from Many Tears Animal Rescue earlier this year. Some of you have probably heard of Lisa as she has been attending events the past years with her cavalier spaniels Annabelle and Lucy that started their lives on a Puppy Farms. Unfortunately Lucy passed away last year after becoming ill. Even though I only met Lucy a few times, she was one of the dogs that I grew fond of, she was a very special Cavalier to a lot of people around the world and she could have not have asked for a better and more loving home then the one she had with Lisa. Lisa was heartbroken after loosing Lucy and still misses her today. She has since rescued another dog Plum Pudding who has already captured the hearts of many people through Instagram and events.