All Dogs Matter Victoria Park Dog Show

All Dogs Matter Charity held their yearly Victoria Park Dog Show in London this month. Despite the weather they still had a good turnout and many supporters on the day including Anna Webb who was one of the judges. One of the things I enjoy the most about photographing their events is the opportunity to meet and photograph different dog breeds. There were also classes for you and your dog to take part in, some of the classes I look forward to the most are the puppy and rescue ones, there were a lot of adorable puppies and it is always lovely to meet rescue dogs that have found loving homes, it amazes me how trusting these dogs are despite their start in life.

Through All Dogs Matter's events I have got to know some lovely Staffies, they are one of the most mis understood breeds as they are used for illegal fighting and stereotyped in the media. When you meet Staffies they are the most affectionate and friendly dogs you could ever meet. One of the Staffies I have met that was rescued from the charity is Teddy, his owner Julie met him for the first time at their Victoria Park Dog Show in 2016. She was only supposed to have him for one night and ended up rehoming him. Julie and her family fell in love with his character, she says "We all love him very much. He is the sweetest boy and can be naughty like a big puppy. He has a kind nature and wants to be friends with everyone he meets."

All Dogs Matter hold events throughout the year to raise funds for their dogs needing homes, they raised £2000.00 from the Victoria Park Dog Show which is a brilliant amount and will help more dogs looking for homes. If you know anyone who is interested in rehoming or fostering please visit their website