Natasha Balletta Photography | World Tiger Day 2017

World Tiger Day 2017

World Tiger Day is celebrated each year on the 29th of July, it is a day of celebration for these special and majestic big cats. Tigers are one of the animals that are endangered and urgently need our help in the wild. Due to things such as poaching, habitat destruction and tigers being used for medicine we have lost 97% of wild tigers which is very sad and upsetting, a world without tigers is unimaginable.

If we do not help tigers now they could be extinct within 20 years, organisations such as 21st Century Tiger give tigers some hope for the future. Some of the projects they fund include anti poaching and monitoring tigers in Russia and at Parsa Wildlife Reserve in Nepal. One of their latest projects is helping the Indian Tiger in Bangladesh where there are less then 100 tigers

Tiger numbers have increased the past 3 years which is brilliant news for the survival of the species. If you would like more information on the conservation projects 21st Century Tiger are involved in or how you can help tigers in the wild please visit their website

I have always been passionate about wildlife and conservation, through my photography and blogs I hope to raise awareness of big cats that are endangered and need our help before it is too late. Below are a few of my favourite photos of some of the Amur and Sumatran Tigers that I have got to know and attached to through my zoo visits the past few years at London Zoo, Dudley Zoo and Yorkshire Wildlife Park.