Natasha Balletta Photography | Mayhew Hounds On The Heath Event 2017

Mayhew Hounds On The Heath Event 2017

Each year Mayhew Animal Home hold their yearly dog event Hounds On The Heath in Hampstead Heath to help raise awareness of their dogs and cats that are looking for homes. Hounds On The Heath is a good opportunity for people to meet and get to know Mayhew's Therapaws Dogs. Some of the dogs in their programme are Lola the Staffie, Marcel the Corgi and Benjecky, some of the places they visit include Residental Homes where people have dementia, visiting elderly homes, hospitals and care homes. When you meet dogs from the Therapaws Dogs programme it goes to show how dogs make a difference and give comfort to people even in a small way. They also did classes throughout the day for you and your dog to take part in.

There were a few dog companies and charities that came to support Mayhew on the day including Bonnie and Bailey that does Organic Shampoo for dogs, she brought along one of her beautiful rescue dogs Chloe that she rehomed from Texas and All Dogs Matter Charity who are another rescue and rehoming charity based in London

If you know anyone who is interested in rehoming a dog or cat please visit Mayhew's website

Below are a few of my favourite photos from Hounds On The Heath