Natasha Balletta Photography | DogFest 2017 Knebworth House and Gardens

DogFest 2017 Knebworth House and Gardens

I went to photograph DogFest at Knebworth House and Gardens in Hertfordshire on the 24th of June 2017. I thoroughly enjoyed photographing the event, it was a brilliant day and is one of my favourite yearly events to photograph. There were so many beautiful dogs from golden retrievers to BonnieGirl a whippet cross that has a kind nature, she enjoyed having stomach rubs and rested on my lap before one of the classes.

One of the things I look forward to the most at DogFest are the activities such as Agility, I had a fun morning watching a lovely rescue Shepherd Cross Kratu taking part in the Have A Go Agility in the Natural Instinct Ring, he loved leaping over jumps. Through dog events I get the opportunity to meet dogs that have had a different start in life including Kratu that was born into a gypsy camp in Translyvania, he now lives in the UK with his owner Tess. Since Tess has given a home to Kratu they have taken up Agility together. Tess and Kratu also won a few of the classes including Best Rescue, My Dogs Got Talent and Best In Show.

One of the dog trainers I always enjoy photographing at events is Lucy Heath and her dogs Superdog Indie, Trip Hazard and Dizzy, it shows in their performances how much they enjoy training together and doing freestyle heelwork to music. Lucy Heath is a dog trainer and runs a variety of classes, dog activities and heelwork to music workshops. For more info please visit  

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