The Other Side To Crufts Dog Show

Each year Birmingham NEC hold their yearly event Crufts, it is one of the biggest dog shows and is a popular event for a variety of displays and shopping for dog lovers. There is another side to Crufts where you have the opportunity to meet dogs that have big personalities and are celebrities in their own right. It is also a good event for getting to know dogs that have special roles. Gill Raddings Stunt Dogs have featured in films alongside well known actors, Bruno the Mini Dachshund who has fans from around the world through Instagram and Therapy Dogs Nationwide Charity have attended the event.

Stunt Dogs, Rescue Dog to Celebrity

Gill Raddings and her Stunt Dogs held demonstrations at the Arden Grange Stand where you got to know some of the dogs and learn more about the training that is involved for film work. I really loved watching these dogs and could of photographed them all day, it was hard to tear myself away. Dodger, Biscuit and Paddy are three of the dogs that started out as rescue dogs, it was so lovely to see how well they were doing. Many of the dogs have featured in films and programmes. Dodger has featured in Doc Martin and played Buddy, Paddy is the resident dog on Midsomer Murders and one of the other dogs Gizmo appeared in Snow White & The Huntsman.

If you would like more information on Gill Raddings Stunt Dogs or know anyone who need any dogs for films their website is

Bruno The Mini Dachshund

Bruno the Mini Dachshund attended Crufts in 2016, it was his first year at the show. He has built up a huge following through Instagram and has more then 90,000 followers. He was one of the Dogs Of Instagram dogs on the Kennel Club Charitable Trust stand where his fans could meet him and have their photo taken. Bruno was there to raise awareness of the breed and help people decide if Dachshunds were the right dog for them. Since following Bruno on Instagram, some of his fans have got a Dachshund because of him and one couple even named their dog after him. Even though I met a lot of lovely dogs, Bruno is one of the dogs I really took to. He was adorable and I really loved his bow tie which he is famous for.

If you would like to follow Bruno's adventures please take a look at his Instagram Account @brunotheminidachshund

Therapy Dogs Nationwide

One of the things I look forward to the most about the event each year is meeting therapy dogs who make a huge difference in some peoples lives.  In 2017 Therapy Dogs Nationwide had their first year at Crufts. It was lovely to meet them and I got to know some of their lovely dogs including a deaf Spaniel Ted, a special rescue dog Haatchi and Bones the very affectionate Staffie that gave kisses to everyone he met. Therapy Dogs Nationwide is run by a group of volunteers and Therapy Dogs each have an important role and give comfort people when they visit Stroke Units, Cancer Wards, Hospitals, Prisons Care Homes and Mainstream and Special Need Schools. The charity has set up an Paws and Read programme as a way to help children that struggle with reading or are nervous reading in front of everyone in the classroom.

If you would like more information on Therapy Dogs Nationwide please visit their website

Haatchi and Owen's story

It was lovely to meet Haatchi and Owen, they are a very special duo and have a close bond. Owen has a rare condition called Schwartz Jampel Syndrome a rare genetic disorder which causes his muscles to be permanently tense. In January 2012, when Haatchi was approximately 5 months old, he was deliberately abandoned on a railway line in North London and hit by a train. The impact severed off most of his tail and critically injured his rear left leg. Haatchi managed to stagger away and tucked himself between some tracks ducking as trains rolled over him.  Luckily Haatchi was rescued but the vets could not save his leg or tail. After a Facebook campaign was set up to find him a home he   moved to his forever home on the evening of the 18th February 2012 just 6 weeks after his operation. He met Owen when he woke up the following morning and Haatchi knew he had found the best companion in the whole wide world! Since November 2016 Haatchi has been involved with the Therapy Dogs Nationwide Charity.

If you would like to keep up to date on Haatchi and Owen their Facebook page is