Natasha Balletta Photography | Westie Spring Photo Shoot

Westie Spring Photo Shoot

 I went to Battersea Park in London recently for a photo shoot with a Westie called Benny. I was looking forward to the photo shoot as Spring is a beautiful time of year for photography and some of the Cherry Blossom Trees had started to flower. Benny has a playful character and spent most of the time chasing his favourite tennis ball. Even though Benny is 12 years old, he is young at heart and reminded me of my dog Benjamin because he had so much energy.

I used my Nikon D300s camera and Sigma 70-200mm F2.8 lens to photograph Benny, it is one of my favourite lenses as it is versatile and you can get natural photos from a distance.

Below are some of my favourite photos from Benny's photo shoot:














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