Natasha Balletta Photography | Sumatran Tigers London Zoo

Sumatran Tigers London Zoo

On the 3rd of February 2014 Melati the Sumatran Tigress at London Zoo gave birth to Cinta, Budi and Nakal. I thoroughly enjoyed visiting and photographing them growing up together over their 2 years at the zoo. It was lovely watching all 3 of them as cubs and getting to know their individual characters as they turned into adults. Cinta grew alot in confidence and went from being shy as a cub to growing in confidence and sometimes snarling at her brothers if they tried to climb the same tree as her. One of the things Cinta enjoyed doing when she was older was look out for pigeons from her favourite tree. Even though they started their new lives a year ago I still miss seeing them at the zoo, watching Cinta, Budi and Nakal growing up was a special experience.

I have put together a collage with some of my favourite photos for their 3rd birthday: