Natasha Balletta Photography | Japanese Macaque Monkeys Highland Wildlife Park

Japanese Macaque Monkeys Highland Wildlife Park

 A few years ago I went to visit the Japanese Macaque Monkeys at Highland Wildlife Park in Scotland. I was excited about going and was not disappointed, it is a beautiful park and a great place for watching and photographing the macaque monkeys interacting together if you cannot visit them in Japan. Feeding Times is one of the best times to go and see them by the lake. For more information on Highland Wildlife Park please visit their website

In the wild they live in a beautiful forest near Nango in Japan. Because of their thick coats the macaque monkeys are able to adapt to colder temperatures as low as -4 degrees and can live in elevations of up to 9600 above sea level. They are sociable animals and like to live in groups. If there is a lot of food sometimes a group of 700 macaques get together. Because of living in Snow they are also known as Snow Monkeys. During the Winter the macaques enjoy spending time in the Hot Springs to keep warm.

One of the wildlife trips I have always wanted to do is visiting the Japanese Macaque Monkeys in Japan, visiting them in Winter would be a dream trip. If you are visiting the macaque monkeys in Japan or Highland Wildlife Park in Scotland I recommend a 300mm telephoto lens or 80-400mm lens. My favourite lens for photographing wildlife is the Nikon 80-400mm lens as it is a versatile lens and you can still watch the animals from a distance without disturbing them.

Below are a few of my favourite photos