All Dogs Matter Great Hampstead Bark Off 2016

 On the 15th of May 2016 All Dogs Matter Charity held their Great Hampstead Bark Off Event in Hampstead Heath to raise funds for their dogs needing homes. It was a great turnout on the day, I really enjoyed meeting and photographing lots of different dog breeds. There were a variety of classes during the dog show from Cutest Puppy,  Best Rescue,  Mr Heath and Miss Heath. Some of the judges who came to support All Dogs Matter were Rachel Riley from Countdown, Marc Abraham known as Marc the vet,  Christiana from Hampstead Housesitters and Lisa with her rescue dog Lucy The Cavalier who was rescued from a puppy farm.

The event raised £934.91 which is a brilliant amount and goes directly to the charity. I have met a few charities over the years and they do not end up being as nice as I thought they were, All Dogs Matter are the nicest and most genuine charity you could ever meet. Their events like the Bark Off are a good opportunity for you to meet the team and get to know some of their dogs.

 If you know anyone who would like to rehome or foster a dog, please visit All Dogs Matter's website

 Below are a few of my favourite photos from the event


 Jasmine is one of the husky puppies who took part in the Cutest Puppy Class.


  Buzyby is one of the dogs who was at the dog show.
















  Gracie is one of the staffies who was rehomed through All Dogs Matter.


  Abi is the Ambassador for All Dogs Matter, she always has such lovely expressions                















To the left is Blossom who is currently looking for a home with All Dogs Matter and below is the handsome young staffie Hugo, he has recently been reserved.

















     Lisa with her rescue Cavalier Lucy.

    Rachel Riley and Marc Abraham the vet.



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