Russian Tiger and Leopard Day

Each year Russian Tiger and Leopard Day is a day celebrate Amur Tigers and Amur Leopards on the 27th of September. In September 2003 to help raise awareness for these beautiful and majestic animals who are critically endangered, cyclists, children, singers and dance groups got together for a festival in the Russian Far East. They also celebrate this special day across Europe, Edinburgh, Rome and Barcelona.

Due to things like habitat destruction and poaching, Amur Tigers and Amur Leopards need our help now more then ever. There are less then 500 tigers living in their natural habitat and only about 80 Amur Leopards left in the wild which makes this gorgeous animal the rarest and probably most endangered big cat in the world.

One of the organisations who do great work to help these very special animals is ALTA Conservation. For more information on the projects they do to help tigers and leopards, please check out their website

Below are a few of my favourite photos of Tschuna, Hector, Harley and Hope from Yorkshire Wildlife Park and Kanika from Marwell Zoo:






























































sanji bedi(non-registered)
Wow! These are the amazing images of Russian Tiger and Leopards. I'm very excited to see them. Thanks.
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