World Tiger Day 2015

Each year on the 29th of July 2015 we celebrate World Tiger Day to help raise awareness for these beautiful and majestic animals and hopefully give them a future in the wild. Organisations like 21st Century Tiger and Amur Leopard and Tiger Alliance do brilliant work overseas including anti poaching projects and monitoring tigers in Russia. They also give tigers some hope for the future, without these organisations tigers would probably be extinct which would be very sad. Due to poaching and habitat destruction we have lost 97% of wild tigers. The Sumatran Tiger is critically endangered and there are only 400 left in the wild. The other tiger species who needs our help is the Amur Tiger, there are only 500 left. They have similar problems to the Sumatran Tiger and face conflict with humans. For more info on the conservation work 21st Century Tiger and Amur Leopard and Tiger Alliance do, please visit their websites: They are great conservation charities to support and do wonderful work for these big cats.

Below are some of my favourite photos of the young Sumatran Tiger Cubs Cinta, Budi and Nakal from London Zoo and the Amur Tiger Cubs from Yorkshire Wildlife Park:
































































































































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