World Lion Day 2017

World Lion Day is part of a global campaign to help save lions in their natural habitat. Due to things such as poaching, habitat destriction and cubs being cruelly taken away from their mums, they are used for cub petting at tourist attractions and trophy hunting it has been confirmed that they could be extinct by 2050 which is very sad.

One of the lion species that is endangered is the Asiatic Lion, many years ago they were used for hunting which caused them to nearly be extinct in India. At the time there were only 20 lions left in the wild. The past few years their numbers have increased from 100 to 500 in Gir Forest National Park which is great news and will hopefully help the survival of the species.

One of the organisations that fund conservation projects to help Asiatic Lions in India is ZSL Conservation, they work with rangers in the park and along with other organisations they have a Spatial Monitoring and Reporting Tool that helps to monitor populations of wildlife in the area and find out about threats including poaching and disease. Because of organisations such as ZSL Conservation Asiatic Lions in Gir Forest National Park have some hope for the future. For more information on the work they do please visit their website

Below are a few of my favourite photos