Pup Aid 2016

Marc Abraham the vet held his Pup Aid Event at Primrose Hill near Regent's Park to help raise awareness and make more people aware of Puppy Farming. I was looking forward to going to the event and I really enjoyed my first year photographing Pup Aid. It was a great event to be a part of,  there were so many dogs to photograph. One of the Dachshunds who went to the event was Bruno the Mini Dachshund, he is well known for his bow ties and different outfits and even has his own wardrobe. It was also lovely to meet a Dachshund called Teddy from Teddy Maximus, Holly Simpson does beautiful dog beds, bow ties, dog coats and carriers https://teddymaximus.com/

There were a variety of classes throughout the day including Lucy Heath and Trip Hazard, Best Rescue and Parade of ex breeding bitches. One of the people who took part in the Parade was Lisa Garner who rescued her lovely Cavalier Spaniels Lucy and Annabelle from a Puppy Farm, they were both used for breeding and kept in cages for the first part of their lives. When you meet dogs like Lucy and Annabelle it goes to show how courageous and brave they are for overcoming what they went through on Puppy Farm.

Marc Abraham set up Pup Aid and has been campaigning to try and end this cruel trade. The Puppy Farming Trade across the UK and Europe is an on going problem. The dogs and their puppies are kept in horrific conditions and are more prone to infectious diseases, painful or chronic inherited conditions, behavioural problems, shorter life spans and sometimes they die from starvation. When you hear these stories or see pictures of how they are treated, it is inhumane and brings a tear to my eye as every dog deserves to have a healthy start in life.

If you would like more info on the great work Marc does and how you can help put a stop to Puppy Farming please take a look at Pup Aid's website http://www.pupaid.org/












































































  If you would like to view more photos from the event please visit http://www.natashaballettaphotography.com/pupaid2016