World Lion Day 2016

World Lion Day is part of a global campaign to help save lions in their natural habitat. African Lions are endangered and a vulnerable species, they have declined by 60% in numbers. Due to things such as poaching, habitat destruction, conflict with humans and trophy hunting it has been confirmed that they could be extinct by 2050 which is very sad. One of the other problems they face is cubs are cruelly taken away from their mums and the cubs are used for cub-petting at tourist attractions.

Over the last year I have been visiting Yorkshire Wildlife Park. Simba, Dani and Maria were some of the lions who were rescued from a run down zoo in Romania before moving to Yorkshire Wildlife Park in 2010.

Yorkshire Wildlife Park Foundation is one of the organisations who do great conservation work for these majestic big cats. They are currently doing a 3 year project called Fauna and Flora International in Mozambique the project includes monitoring and tracking lions using a radio system. They also use vehicles and aircraft for anti poaching and protection. Projects like these will give lions a better chance of survival and having a safer future in the wild.

For more information on the conservation projects Yorkshire Wildlife Park Foundation support please take a look at their website

Below are a few of my favourite photos of Simba, Dani and Maria