World Elephant Day 2016

World Elephant Day is a day to celebrate these special animals and raise awareness why they need our help before it is too late. Due to things such as habitat destruction, human conflict and being poached for their ivory, they are critically endangered and have declined by 50% in Asia. The EU have recently confirmed elephants could be extinct in only 25 years because of the ivory trade.

One of the organisations who help Asian Elephants is the Elephant Family, they are a small charity and since 2002 they have protected wildlife habitat and reduced conflict between people and elephants. Through their projects Elephant Family make sure elephants have enough space to graze and work with communities to try and prevent human conflict. Another organisation who do great work is Born Free Foundation, they are a International Wildlife Charity and rescue elephants who have been kept in small conditions. Because of the support from Born Free Foundation orphaned elephants are looked after at Elephant Transit Home in Sri Lanka. One of their goals is to end the wild trade and animals being kept in captivity in Asia.  

For more information on the projects Elephant Family do or Born Free Foundation, please visit their websites: and

Below are a few of my favourite photos of the Asian Elephants from Whipsnade Zoo: