International Tiger Day 2016

I went to visit Tschuna, Hector, Harley and Hope at Yorkshire Wildlife Park for International Tiger Day. I was excited about visiting them again, I have really enjoyed watching Hector, Harley and Hope growing up since they were cubs last year. Even though there were a few showers throughout the day, I still loved spending time with the tigers. They did not mind the rain and enjoyed going in the water in the afternoon, I could of watched them all day.

International Tiger Day is a celebration of these beautiful and majestic animals and to help raise awareness of tigers and why they need our help in the wild. There were Tiger Talks on the day and a stand where you could ask the keepers questions about tigers. Yorkshire Wildlife Park Foundation work with ALTA Conservation that fund projects overseas to help Amur Tigers in their natural habitat. One of their projects is a rescue and rehabilitation centre in Alekseeva. Sometimes young tigers are left without their mum because she has been poached. Through their programme they rehabilitate the cubs and release them back into the wild

Organisations like 21st Century Tiger and ALTA Conservation give tigers some hope for the future. Some of the projects they do include anti poaching and monitoring tigers in Russia and at Parsa Wildlife Reserve in Nepal. Their has been an increase in tiger numbers and they have doubled over the last 3 years which is brilliant news for the survival of this special species Due to poaching, habitat destruction and tigers being used for medicine we have lost 97% of wild tigers. Without organisations like these, tigers would probably be extinct which would very sad and upsetting. Tigers need our help now more then ever, the Sumatran Tiger is critically endangered there are 300 left in the wild and only 450 of the Amur Tiger. Both tiger species face similar problems due to conflict with humans.

For more information on the projects and conservation work 21st Century Tiger and ALTA Conservation do, please take a look at their websites and

Below are a few of my favourite photos from International Tiger Day at Yorkshire Wildlife Park: